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Our Services

Capital Critter Sitters is fully insured, and references will happily be provided upon request.

Daytime dog walks & play

Every dog needs to get up, stretch and mark some territory now and then. We get it! We do what it takes to help your pets relax and be happy. Animals love exercise and so do we.

Standard daytime dog walks last 30 to 35 minutes. If we can combine your dog's walk with another canine friend in the neighborhood, we'll keep them out longer, and we'll encourage safe, friendly play among them. Is your dog getting older, or a bit weak in the knees? No problem! We'll take the dog for a gentle, slow walk instead.

Consider us partners in your puppy's basic training program. We will happily reinforce voice/hand commands, leash handling, boundary awareness and any other training strategies you're working on at home.

One dog: $15

Two dogs: $18

Three dogs: $22

Pet sitting

Cats, fish, hermit crabs, mice, 50-foot pythons, birds who talk back, birds who are shy.... We'll take care of 'em all! Pet sitting by Capital Critter Sitters typically consists of feeding, exercising, cleaning up after, and most of all showering love and affection on your pets. And yes, we love your chickens! We know they're sensitive critters who appreciate a gentle presence and a soft voice. While you're away, we'll keep their coop clean and their feed tray filled, carefully following your instructions to keep your little egg-layers happy.

We can provide multiple visits in one day, including early mornings, mid-days, evenings, or night visits. We also work weekends and most holidays. Animals like predictability, so we stick as close as possible to the routine you have established with your pets. We also have experience administering most common medications. Need special help? Just ask! Consider us partners in your puppy's basic training program. We will happily reinforce voice/hand commands, leash handling, boundary awareness and any other training strategies you're working on at home.

$15 per half-hour visit

Overnight Care

Why stick your beloved pets in a crate in a strange place when you know they would be so much happier at home? We'll keep them company at your place, saving your dogs and cats the stress of adapting to an unfamiliar environment, and saving you the hassle of having to drag them there!

An in-home overnight stay for a dog typically consists of one of us coming to your home in the evening and staying until morning. The price includes an evening walk, late-night potty break if needed, and a morning walk for dogs, feedings on normal schedules for all pets, and litter box scooping for cats. Of course, the stay also includes lots of love and affection! We're even willing to let them share the bed!

And remember, if we're staying at your house, burglars will think twice about breaking in. In-home overnight stays are a great way to increase security while you are on vacation.

One dog: $55

Two dogs: $60

>2 dogs: $65

All cats: $55

Additional Services

HOUSE CHECKS: When we stop by to take care of your pets, we'll be glad to give your ficus a drink, turn on your lawn sprinkler, or make sure your coffee pot is turned off. It's complementary -- Just ask!

SCHEDULED SERVICES: Got no pets, but you need your plants or lawn watered on a regular schedule while you're on vacation? Need your mail and newspapers picked up, so it looks like you're home? For a small fee, we'll handle that too.

Our Sitters

Angie Hickerson founded Capital Critter Sitters in 1996 in Washington, D.C., and has served hundreds of clients during her career. While earning her bachelor's degree at Monmouth College in Illinois, Angie worked part-time as a veterinarian's assistant, gaining valuable knowledge of animal health and behavior. After nine years in the U.S. military, departing as an Army captain, Angie tapped her lifelong love of animals to build a successful small business on Capitol Hill. In addition to hanging with animals, Angie enjoys running, bicycling, and spending time with Mary and their two great kids.

Mary Hillebrand has been assisting Angie since fall 2001, and joined her as a partner in the business in the summer of 2002. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Mary worked for 11 years as a journalist in Washington before discovering the joys of pet care. Mary currently teaches high school at Prairie Phoenix Academy, in Sun Prairie, and helps out part-time with the critters. Her experience walking packs of dogs has proved invaluable when trying to figure out packs of teenagers, so she plans to continue on dual career paths.

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